Month: February 2017

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Infatuated with Cinderella

Wicked Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

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I’m now selling books on these sites and Smitten with Rapunzel is my first.

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Free Reads Feb 17-19

This weekend from Feb 17-19, twenty authors are offering readers a chance to read their work – and each novel is free. Click to see the books, authors and the links to Instafreebie. Genres include adult fairy tales, steamy romance, fantasy, speculative fiction and more.

Free Reads!

Snow White’s Secret Valentine Admirer

A message of love + a secret admirer + a princess yearning for excitement = a Valentine’s Day revelation. An unknown suitor professes love for Princess Bettina in a Valentine love note. The princess relishes the attention, but it both exhilarates and alarms her. While she hungers for affection and stimulation, she is fearful for her and her family’s reputation. As she ponders her life during a stroll in the ground of the local monastery, she is whisked away by a powerful enchantress and her mysterious admirer is a secret no more. Fantasy becomes reality as the sorceress, Alina traps Bettina in a web of magic and desire where the princess is at first compliant and then assertive. A tantalizing journey of lust and ecstasy that leads Bettina where she belongs.

Briar Rose’s Enchanting Valentine Suitor

A young prince is christened on the morning before Saint Valentine’s Day, and Princess Briar Rose makes sure everything is perfect for her son’s introduction to the world. She retires to her chamber for a rest before the celebratory banquet, but her nap is interrupted by disturbing noises from the bedchamber next door. Assuming Countess Thirza, the occupant, is in agony, Rose tries to help. Instead, it is pleasure that is causing the ruckus. Rose is determined to observe the amusement, but rather than being an innocent bystander, she is swept into the delicious headiness of self-gratification. With a countess in her bed, lust in her eyes and a blistering heat coursing through her veins, there is only one way for this to end.


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