Scheherazade & One Arabian Night

A sweltering desert. A fertile oasis. A crowded harem. A veiled princess. It’s a steamy sensual world where women wile away their time gossiping, bathing and dancing. This is a place where females peep through woven latticework to catch a glimpse of life outside. Into this unique setting comes Scheherazade, the legendary story-teller. She has fulfilled her duties to the sultan, but she is looking for something more. She wants ecstasy and excitement. And she finds it. In an unexpected place. Right in front of her.

Scheherazade & Two Arabian Nights

Sand, sweat, sex and sultry nights. Scheherazade, the legendary princess, lives in the harem surrounded by women –  queens, princesses, servants. They are always together, all day every day. Gossip, sex and a hint of magic swirl together like a sandstorm. The sultriness of the desert is nothing compared to the heat between the princess and her lover, the servant, Zeena. In the bedroom or in public, they find new ways to spice up their love life. Do you want to find out what is hidden behind the veil?

Scheherazade & Three Arabian Nights

A veiled princess sits atop a camel making its way through the moonlit desert. Her lover, Zeena, is making the journey too, but she is hidden in the darkness. The court and the harem are on the move as a caravan of 200 camels crosses the sandy desert. Princess Scheherazade contemplates escape as she travels to the luxurious encampment nestled in the shifting sands. The princess’ pavilion is guarded day and night, but she and Zeena manage to escape for one night of sizzling gratification on the dunes.

Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales Vol. 3

A world of women invisible behind locked doors. Princesses hidden behind the veil. Moonlit trysts unseen behind desert pavilions. Shifting sands, searing temperatures and a smoldering affair conducted within earshot of the gossiping harem inhabitants. The Princess Scheherazade, legendary story-teller, and her lover, Zeena discover euphoric highs in plain sight. Heat, grit, steam and sex swirl like a desert storm with a touch of sorcery. Let Scheherazade transport you to a time and place beyond the veil.