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Briar Rose Unadorned: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

Briar Rose Unadorned

With a highwayman pointing a sword at her throat, Princess Briar Rose clasps her dagger hidden in her gown. But the men are frightened away by the ringleader who isn’t a scar-faced filthy rogue with a scruffy beard and foul breath. Instead, it’s a woman.

And when she appears, Rose forgets about her stolen jewelry. In fact, she forgets everything except wanting to bed the bandit queen. And she does. In the forest, she gives and takes, steals and let’s go, ransacks and protects. In the process, clothes are shredded and Rose’s desperate hunger is satisfied.

So, who is the real thief? Rose or the bandit?

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Saint Patrick’s Day Promotion: Erotica & Romance

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1)   Lynda Belle
Genre: Paranormal/Highlander Romantic Erotica
Seduction of a Highlander (FREE)

Highlander Bride Taken Omnibus Edition (Scottish Erotic Tales 1-3) ($0.99)

2)   Jacinta Laurenti
Genre: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales
Snow White Unveiled (FREE)

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Genre:  Paranormal Romantic Erotica
Her Winged Viking ($0.99)

4)   Lady TL Jennings
Genre: Historical M/M Romantic Erotica
The Mystery of the Black Widow (A Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic Novella) (FREE)

Different Desire -A Gay Victorian Romance and Erotic Novelette Collection (The Gentleman’s Collection Book 1) (FREE)

5)   Alexis Ayres
Genre: Leprechaun/Billionaire Erotica
Lusty Leprechaun (BBW & Billionaire) (FREE)

6)   Mia Moore
Genre: Swinger Erotica
Accidental Swingers Box Set (First Time Swinger Tales 1-4) ($0.99)

7)   A. C. Nixon
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Heal Me (Club Surrender Book q) (FREE)

8)   Annalise Nixon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Between a Wolf and a Hard Place (Menage MFM) (FREE)
(Complete Series Collection)

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