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Erotica Promo April 21-23

99c and Free

Here are some free and 99c deals for this weekend only.

Jacinta Laurenti

Genre: Wicked Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

  1. Red Riding Hood Unadorned ($0.99)

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2. Infatuated with Cinderella (FREE)

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 Lynda Belle

Genre: Rockstar Erotica

  1. Rockin’ Him Hard (FREE)

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2. Rockin’ Him Harder (FREE)

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3. Rockin’ Him Fierce (FREE)

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Freebie & $0.99c Promo April 21-23

28 Books on Sale Now for Three Days Only

The books are on Instafreebie and Book Funnel with a few on Amazon. So download these great titles before the weekend is over.

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Rapunzel Unwrapped

Rapunzel Unwrapped

Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

She reigns supreme, and yet she daydreams about bedding a veiled woman who calls her name.

No longer a princess, but queen, Rapunzel is disrespected by her council of advisors. As she ignores their haughty words and makes a pronouncement, the fantasy woman provokes and entices her.

But the vision becomes reality as the queen stumbles into a world of swirling sands, tinkling fountains and spicy fragrances. The woman in her imagination is a princess named Ameena and while Rapunzel may be queen in her own world, Ameena is uncompromising when it comes to getting what she wants.

Entangled, entwined and aroused atop lush carpets and silky cushions, the women produce a blistering fervor that rivals the desert heat.

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Red Riding Hood Unadorned: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

Red Riding Hood Unadorned

How would you describe fire when it’s at its coolest? Scarlet? Crimson? Vermillion? Or just plain red?

Serafine, whose childhood name was Red Riding Hood, is unnerved when she is confronted by mysterious pieces of red fabric. But unbeknownst to her, the cloth belongs to Fia, an enchantress who appears out of the flames. Fia’s hunger is as ferocious and intense as the fire from which she emerged, and the two produce a blistering heat as their passion ignites.

But as their dalliance ends, Serafine discovers fire with its flickering flames and scarlet embers has, and always will be, part of her. Two women. A shared secret. But only one destiny.

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Gretel Unadorned: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

Gretel Unadorned

Fleeing from Prince Wulf, Gretel, Countess of Argarth cannot trust anyone. She bedded his wife so the merciless prince has destroyed Gretel’s estate as punishment. Disguised as a man, she is traveling to retrieve her buried treasure when she is waylaid by a bandit.

With a sword on her throat and the thief’s hand on her coin purse, Gretel fears for her life. But the robber is not a man, but a stunning woman, Hilde with a saucy grin and a come-hither sway of her hips. Dressed alike, and both consumed by a fierce hunger and desperate need, the two women arouse and tease one another as they play games in the woods before Gretel continues her journey.

But Hilde is hiding a secret. Will Gretel be betrayed? Read on and find out.

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