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Valentine’s Day Erotica Promo

Free or $0.99c

February 2-6I’ve joined with 10 other authors for this Valentine’s Day promotion which includes romance, erotic romance and erotica books. Here are the details and links of the promoted books.

***11 authors, 15 books***

1) Jacinta Laurenti
Genre: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales
Rapunzel’s Mysterious Valentine Visitor (FREE)

2) Lynda Belle
Genre: Erotic Romance
The Perfect Escort (FREE)

The Perfect Date ($0.99)

**Coming Soon: The Perfect Fling (Releasing Feb. 7)

3) Candy J Starr
Genre: Billionaire Erotic Romance
Snatched-Part 1 (A Gothic Billioniare Romance (FREE)

4)   Holly Dodd
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance
Giving It Up ($0.99)

5)   Grace Risata
Genre: Erotic Paranormal BWW Comedy Romance
Ungranted Wishes ($0.99)

6)   Cordova Skye
Genre: Impregnation Erotica
Ridden at the Rodeo ($0.99)

7)   Amanda Richensexi
Genre: Billionaire Romantic Erotica
Charli’s Utterly Humiliating Presentation (FREE)

8)   Theresa B. Tri
Genre: Fantasy Erotica
Druid’s Branch (FREE)

48 Hours to Make Her Mine ($0.99)

9)   Nikky Kaye
Genre: New Adult/Starting Over Erotic Romance
One Should Be Enough ($0.99)

Do It Yourself ($0.99)

10)    Lady TL Jennings
Genre: Gay Victorian/Historical Romantic Erotica
My Valentine (A Gay Victorian Romance)(FREE)

Blackmail (A Gay Victorian Erotic Novella) ($0.99)

11)   Liz Katheryn Lorde
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance
Revved Up Soul ($0.99)

Valentine’s Day Promo: Erotica & Romance Feb 2-6

I’m joined erotica and romance authors for a Valentine’s Day promotion running February 2-6. Bookmark this page and come back Wednesday for all the details.

My book Rapunzel’s Mysterious Valentine Visitor is free during these dates.

It’s Chinese New Year!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Gōngxǐ fācái!


May the new year bring you every happiness.

Valentine Erotica & Romance Promo Feb 2-6

I’ve joined with other authors for a Valentine promotion which will include both erotica and romance books. The selected novels will either be free or $0.99c. My book Rapunzel’s Mysterious Valentine Visitor will be free during this time.

Come back next week for more details.

Instafreebie Short Story Promo Jan 3-10

Happy New Year!

We are one day away from the latest instafreebie short story promotion in multiple genres. Click on the link below and you’ll have access to stories in the following genres:


science fiction








young adult


These stories are only available for a limited time.

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