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Instafreebie Fairytale Promo: 15+ Books. Chance to win $25 Amazon Gift Card

15+ amazing books and they’re all fairytale retellings. Enter to win a $25 Gift card from Amazon here at the fairytaleshelf.

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Free Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tale: Taken by Briar Rose

New Permafree

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Back to School Free Books Aug 22-28: Win Amazon $50 Giftcard

40 authors have contributed free books to celebrate fall, cooler temperatures, getting the kids out of the house – and a chance to win a $50 giftcard from amazon.

The promotion starts today August 22 so get clicking, reading and don’t forget the $50 giveaway.

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Free lgbt Books at Bookfunnel Aug 18-27

13 Free lgbt Titles

13 fabulous mm and ff books are at bookfunnel for a limited time. They’re all free so check them out between August 18 and 27.

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Eclipse Erotica Deals Aug 18-21 Free/99c

Four authors with six fabulous books have come together for an eclipse erotica promotion. Most are free while two are 99c. They’re all at amazon, so click on the links and spend the weekend with an amazing book.

Many thanks as usual to the amazing Lynda Belle for organizing the promo and making the beautiful banner.

Lynda Belle
Genre: Exhibitionism/Voyeur
The Day I Met Her

Genre: Historical Erotica
Highlander Bride Taken

Jacinta Laurenti
Genre:  Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales
Red Riding Hood Unadorned

Kiera X. Tacey
Genre: Erotic Romance

Under the Tutelage of Dr. Landen

Under the Tutelage of Prof. Milton

January Graham
Genre: M/M Erotica
A Peg Or Two

Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tale 99c Aug 9-16

Dazzled by Goldilocks: A Novella

Christabel is a princess on a mission – a diplomatic mission – to the court of the fractious King Clemens. As the woman known as Goldilocks in her youth sails to her destination, a severe thunderstorm sinks the ship. Christa survives, but instead of being rescued by the king’s knights, she is waylaid by a group of bandits.

And the leader is a stunning woman who, instead of striking fear, stirs lust and a fierce yearning in Christa. Despite her intense attraction to Metela – the bandit queen – her ladyship asks for safe passage, but she is taken to the marauders’ hideout where she encounters Metela’s former lover who is determined to regain her place in the leader’s bed.

Hidden deep in the forest, and unable to ignore their desperate longing and ravenous hunger, the princess and the bandit queen create a blistering heat that sears their bodies and hearts.

But Christa has a choice. She can return home and help her husband govern their domain, or live a life on the run with her lover…

Fairy Tale Retelling Promotion Aug 7-21: Win Amazon Echo Dot

August 7-21

All the books in this promo are based on fairy tales, so click on the ones you’re interested in. But as well as fantastic reads, you can win a fabulous prize! If you want to be in the running for an amazon echo dot, scroll down and sign up.

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Once Upon A Promo

New Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tale: Beholden to Gretel

Beholden to Gretel

She’s Gretel, Countess of Argarth, searching for her buried treasure. At her heels, is a prince intent on revenge because she bedded his wife. She also lay with his sister, but he’s not aware of that – yet. In front of her, hidden in the mountains shrouded in mist, is a witch seeking retribution for her sister’s death. And between the two is Ines, a stunning enchantress who saves the countess, and accompanies her on the final stage of her journey.

But this is no platonic partnership. The women share an intense hunger, and waves of insatiable lust ripple between the two as their cravings overwhelm them in the middle of an ancient forest.

But while Ines’ magic powers are diminished, her expertise in the bedchamber is anything but. In fact, it’s undeniably wicked – she is a witch after all.

While blurred memories hover just out of reach, the women, who are both lovers and strangers, hide secrets and carry guilt from long ago, as they attempt to unravel a mystery and a curse.

Beholden to Gretel

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