Thank you for visiting my site. I’m Jacinta Laurenti and I write erotic lesbian short stories. I’ve been writing professionally for about 30 years, but decided to self-publish erotic stories in early 2016.

I write sizzling stories about sexy princesses pining away in forbidding castles, wicked witches enchanting fair maidens, naughty noble women with time on their hands and lust in their eyes, and devoted servants who see, hear and do everything.

My characters are saucy women who enjoy getting filthy in tall towers, dark forests and other people’s bedchambers.

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I try to write every day, and I can usually be found sitting at my desk looking out over the garden with two dogs at my feet. I love early mornings when everything is quiet. It’s the perfect time for writing, but coffee is a must before and during the writing process. I can’t function without it.

I’m constantly updating my site with information about newly-released books and monthly promotions.

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