Volume 2

Dazzled by Goldilocks

Christabel is a princess on a mission – a diplomatic mission – to the court of the fractious King Clemens. As the woman known as Goldilocks in her youth sails to her destination, a severe thunderstorm sinks the ship. Christa survives, but instead of being rescued by the king’s knights, she is waylaid by a group of bandits.

And the leader is a stunning woman who, instead of striking fear, stirs lust and a fierce yearning in Christa. Despite her intense attraction to Metela – the bandit queen – her ladyship asks for safe passage, but she is taken to the marauders’ hideout where she encounters Metela’s former lover who is determined to regain her place in the leader’s bed.

Hidden deep in the forest, and unable to ignore their desperate longing and ravenous hunger, the princess and the bandit queen create a blistering heat that sears their bodies and hearts.

But Christa has a choice. She can return home and help her husband govern their domain, or live a life on the run with her lover…

Dazzled by Goldilocks

Beholden to Gretel

She’s Gretel, Countess of Argarth, searching for her buried treasure. At her heels, is a prince intent on revenge because she bedded his wife. She also lay with his sister, but he’s not aware of that – yet. In front of her, hidden in the mountains shrouded in mist, is a witch seeking retribution for her sister’s death. And between the two is Ines, a stunning enchantress who saves the countess, and accompanies her on the final stage of her journey.

But this is no platonic partnership. The women share an intense hunger, and waves of insatiable lust ripple between the two as their cravings overwhelm them in the middle of an ancient forest.

But while Ines’ magic powers are diminished, her expertise in the bedchamber is anything but. In fact, it’s undeniably wicked – she is a witch after all.

While blurred memories hover just out of reach, the women, who are both lovers and strangers, hide secrets and carry guilt from long ago, as they attempt to unravel a mystery and a curse.

Beholden to Gretel

Mesmerized by The Queen

No longer a princess, but Queen Regent until her son comes of age, Carolin wrestles with her courtiers and advisors who seethe with indignation at a female on the throne. But during one long restless night, a woman appears to her in a dream – or is it a vision?

But the queen has been betrayed. One of her councilors, too cowardly to perform the duty himself, arranges for her capture and transportation to a place from which she can never return.

But she doesn’t die.

She is a survivor.

As a gale howls around the small turret in her fortress prison, the queen hears her name, ‘Carolin’. Though close to death and convinced she’s hallucinating, she escapes and arrives in a utopia. And there she meets the stranger from her dream.

But this is no ordinary woman.

She is an enchantress named Iona.

Though wary at first, Carolin cannot deny her attraction to Iona. And as her resistance crumbles, and arousal overwhelms reason, the queen gives in to her longing. She and the sorceress engage in a steamy entanglement where they captivate and mesmerize one another, and each one hopes it will continue for an eternity.

Sumptuous feasts, luxurious surroundings, lush gardens and a tinkling waterfall provide the setting for Carolin and Iona’s dalliance. Yet both women are prisoners in their own way, and as they struggle to escape the bonds of patriarchy and jealousy, Carolin learns the truth about her imprisonment.

But can she rescue Iona from her solitary existence? Or must she do her duty and save the kingdom?


Mesmerized by The Queen

Naughty Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales Vol. 2

A princess is shipwrecked. A duchess flees a vengeful prince. A queen is imprisoned. While their future seems bleak, an escape beckons for each one.

A capture becomes freedom.

A retreat reverts course.

While a freezing dank jail transforms into a luxurious prison.

But their surroundings are inconsequential because who cares about a wooden hut, a forest cottage or a mansion when a bandit queen, an enchantress and a sorceress bewitch, beguile and enthrall without saying a word, and remain aloof – until they aren’t.

Arousal leads to ecstasy, cravings are satisfied and yearning is fulfilled. Heated and passionate, Cinderella, Gretel and Carolin take what they want and give as much in return.

But everyone has a secret and when the truth peeks out, betrayal replaces trust and tension escalates. So, will the women get their happy ending?

The books in this bundle are:

Dazzled by Goldilocks

Beholden to Gretel

Mesmerized by The Queen

Naughty Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales Vol. 2