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A Novella: Dazzled by Goldilocks (Naughty Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales)

Christabel is a princess on a mission – a diplomatic mission – to the court of the fractious King Clemens. As the woman known as Goldilocks in her youth sails to her destination, a severe thunderstorm sinks the ship. Christa survives, but instead of being rescued by the king’s knights, she is waylaid by a group of bandits.

And the leader is a stunning woman who, instead of striking fear, stirs lust and a fierce yearning in Christa. Despite her intense attraction to Metela – the bandit queen – her ladyship asks for safe passage, but she is taken to the marauders’ hideout where she encounters Metela’s former lover who is determined to regain her place in the leader’s bed.

Hidden deep in the forest, and unable to ignore their desperate longing and ravenous hunger, the princess and the bandit queen create a blistering heat that sears their bodies and hearts.

But Christa has a choice. She can return home and help her husband govern their domain, or live a life on the run with her lover…

Dazzled by Goldilocks

Taken by Briar Rose: Lesbian Fairy Tales 99c

Taken by Briar Rose

From July 2 until July 9 this book will be 99c (99p in the UK).

A charming princess. A gorgeous sorceress. A missing prince. What could go wrong?

Roused from sleep, Princess Briar Rose learns of her husband’s capture. After hustling a woman from her bed, she hatches a scheme to save her spouse and travels to a ruined forbidding castle to carry out her plan. But things go awry when Sissi, a stunning enchantress, appears and takes advantage of and provokes the dispirited princess.

A bleak dungeon transforms into a luxurious love nest, with a warm fire crackling in the hearth and a feast of food and wine for her ladyship to devour. The princess resists Sissi’s advances but once she learns the prince is safe, Rose cannot ignore her arousal.

Clothes are shredded and discarded as a hunger ignites deep within the princess. Sissi gives Rose what she craves and the two produce a blistering heat that tantalizes and consumes them.

But before the lovers part, Rose’s secret is revealed and Sissi has her world upended.

July 4 Erotica Promotion Free or 99c

Eight amazing authors and numerous books to celebrate July 4. Click on the links and enjoy the fabulous reads.

Lynda Belle

Genre: Historical/Fantasy Erotica

For The Women of Rome (FREE)

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Seduction of a Highlander (FREE)

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Cordova Skye

Genre: Breeding Erotica

Opening Bid (Nine Month Auction #1) ($0.99)




Ridden at the Rodeo ($0.99)




Jacinta Laurenti

Genre: Lesbian erotic fairy tales

Infatuated with Cinderella (FREE)


Chastity Cox

Genre: Medical BDSM Erotica

Lauren: Lesson One (The Study: Medical Play Erotica) ($0.99)


Kiera X. Tacey

Genre: Erotic Romance

Under The Tutelage of Dr. Landen: Under the Tutelage Book 1 (FREE)


Christina Dante

Genre: BDSM Erotica

The Submissive Governess (#1: His Indecent Proposal) ($0.99)


Jocelyn Dex

Genre: Erotic Romance

A Zombie Ate My Panties ($0.99)


Josie Litton

Genre: Erotic Romance

His Lordship’s Downfall: Part One ($0.99)



Latest Lesbian Erotic Bundle: Middle East Stories

Erotic Lesbian Middle East Stories Vol. 1

Three ancient Middle Eastern cities with centuries-old secrets.

Three veiled mysterious women.

Three visitors eager to savor the sights and sounds of a fascinating city.

None are innocent. None are naive. None are unsophisticated.

Underneath their cloaked appearance, the veiled women sizzle and smolder as they await their opportunity and when it presents itself, they ignore discretion in favor of lust. Raw, primitive, unbridled lust.

They coax and tease to get what they want, and they relish each second of their frenzied encounters in restaurants, cars and dark alleys even though they risk being discovered.

Erotic Lesbian Middle East Stories Vol. 1

Erotica & Erotic Romance May 26-29; Free & 99c

MF, MM and FF Titles

Nine authors and 14 amazing books, some of which are free while the rest are 99c, are included. Most of the titles are at Amazon and one is at Book Funnel.

Click on the links and enjoy.

Lynda Belle
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

The Perfect Escort (FREE)
Perfect Escort

The Perfect Date ($0.99)
Perfect Date

The Perfect Fling ($0.99)
Perfect Fling

Jacinta Laurenti
Genre: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales
Red Riding Hood Unadorned ($0.99)
Red Riding Hood Unadorned

Regina Green
Genre: LGBT Historical Erotica (Victorian)
The Initiation of Phoebe (MMF Erotic Romance) (FREE)
Initiation of Phoebe

Anita Louise
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Just The Way You Are (FREE)
Just The Way You Are

When A Man Loves A Woman ($0.99)
When A Man Loves A Woman

Lady T. L. Jennings
Genre: Gay Victorian Erotic Romance
Lost in the Labyrinth (FREE)
Lost in the Labyrinth

Complicated Affairs (Gay Victorian Erotic Romantic Novella) ($0.99)
Complicated Affairs

Serena Biggs
Genre: Romantic Menage Erotica

Gifting The Girlfriend (Share Everyone Book 1) ($0.99)
Gifting The Girlfriend

Team MILF: The Arrival (Kingsburg Cougar Club Book 1) ($0.99)
Team MILF: The Arrival

Kayla Angel
Genre: Exhibitionist Erotica
The Exhibitionist Girl: The Virgin Exhibitionist ($0.99)
The Exhibitionist Girl

Alison Lace
Genre: Contemporary Erotica
Good At Her Job (A Trinity Kane Short Book 1) ($0.99)
Good At Her Job

Lucy Johanson
Genre: Erotic Romance
My Doctor Without Borders (FREE)
My Doctor Without Borders

Free Books May 22-28

17 Authors. 17 Free Books

Genres include billionaire, mm, ff, shifters, westerns and dark romance among others. Some of the books are at Instafreebie, and others are at Book Funnel and Amazon.

This link will take you to the page where all the books are listed.


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Steamy Discounts 14 May

Here are the discounts for the week beginning 14 May.

Besotted with Snow White is discounted to $0.99c at Smashwords from 13 May – 16 May.

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Freebie of the Week

Gretel Unadorned is free at Amazon from 14 May – 16 May.

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Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales 9-book Bundle & 15-book Anthology

9-book Bundle

Royal woman and their dalliances. Magic spells and other-worldly realms. Consorts, commoners and their secret lovers.

Witchcraft and lust are entangled in these stories and swirl around the women on Valentine’s Day, All Hallows Eve and during the autumn harvest festival. Though they are breaking accepted decorum and society’s rules, these women don’t care. Passion and ecstasy rule instead of modesty and niceties.

Desperate yearning, blistering heat and frenzied love-making are the norm instead of needlework and tedious conversation. These ladies are aroused, ravenous, and tempestuous, and they take pleasure when and where they can get it.

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15-book Anthology

They’re hot. They’re filthy. And they’re very dirty.

And who are they? Princesses and commoners, enchantresses and noblewomen, servants and consorts. They defy society’s rules and bed the women who tantalize, tease and arouse them.  Whether it’s in an enchanted realm, a palace bedchamber or the darkest forest, these women ignite a blistering inferno which can’t be extinguished until they have found their release. And afterwards, they return to their daily lives while hiding their secrets…

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Hot & Heavy in Istanbul

Erotic Lesbian Middle East Stories

Istanbul. It’s an ancient city with a unique culture and a hint of mystery that straddles east and west and welcomes everyone.

Tilda, who is attending a conference in the city, glimpses a woman covered in an abaya, or over-garment, but loses her in the crowd. With only the voluminous gown and a trace of perfumed oil to identify her, Tilda believes she will never find her.

But as the young woman enters a restaurant, her eyes are drawn to a secluded table where the stranger is sitting. No words are exchanged, no clothing is abandoned and no kisses are given, but the heat on the street is nothing compared to the blistering fervor that rises from the table as Tilda stifles her cries of ecstasy.

It’s hot. It’s heavy. And Tilda discovers the flowing robe and veil mask Nadya’s desperate cravings and uninhibited desire.

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Erotica Promo April 21-23

99c and Free

Here are some free and 99c deals for this weekend only.

Jacinta Laurenti

Genre: Wicked Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

  1. Red Riding Hood Unadorned ($0.99)

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2. Infatuated with Cinderella (FREE)

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 Lynda Belle

Genre: Rockstar Erotica

  1. Rockin’ Him Hard (FREE)

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2. Rockin’ Him Harder (FREE)

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3. Rockin’ Him Fierce (FREE)

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