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Thanksgiving Erotica & Romance Deals Free or 99c: Nov 17-21

From today, Friday 17 Nov until Tuesday 21 Nov, check out these great deals on erotica and romance.

1)   Lynda Belle (Erotic Romance/Historical Romance)

Thankful In Vegas  (FREE)
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For the Women of Rome ($0.99)
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Rockin’ Him Hard Omnibus ($0.99)
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2)   Jacinta Laurenti (Lesbian Fairy Tales)
Taken by Briar Rose (FREE)
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Rapunzel’’s Surrender ($0.99)
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3)   Janet Lynn (Fertile Erotica)
His Fertile Brat, an erotic story (FREE)
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4)   Colbie Dunbar (MM/Mpreg Romance)
The Rogue’’s Secret  ($0.99)
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5)   JL Pearl (Historical Erotica)
Mr. Darcy’’s Darkness, A Steamy Pride & Prejudice Variation Romance ($0.99)
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6)   Kelly Carson (Holiday Erotica)
Santa’’s Secret Helper ($0.99)
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7)   Geneva West (Paranormal Shifter Erotic Romance)
The Danger of Loving a Werewolf ($0.99)
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Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales 9-book Bundle & 15-book Anthology

9-book Bundle

Royal woman and their dalliances. Magic spells and other-worldly realms. Consorts, commoners and their secret lovers.

Witchcraft and lust are entangled in these stories and swirl around the women on Valentine’s Day, All Hallows Eve and during the autumn harvest festival. Though they are breaking accepted decorum and society’s rules, these women don’t care. Passion and ecstasy rule instead of modesty and niceties.

Desperate yearning, blistering heat and frenzied love-making are the norm instead of needlework and tedious conversation. These ladies are aroused, ravenous, and tempestuous, and they take pleasure when and where they can get it.

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15-book Anthology

They’re hot. They’re filthy. And they’re very dirty.

And who are they? Princesses and commoners, enchantresses and noblewomen, servants and consorts. They defy society’s rules and bed the women who tantalize, tease and arouse them.  Whether it’s in an enchanted realm, a palace bedchamber or the darkest forest, these women ignite a blistering inferno which can’t be extinguished until they have found their release. And afterwards, they return to their daily lives while hiding their secrets…

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Thanksgiving Erotica Promotion November 23-27

Here are the authors and their books that are participating in this promotion.  Some are $0.99 but most are free. My book Snow White Gives Thanks for Small Mercies https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1GV61K is free during this period. Click on the links and start your holiday reading.

1)   V.R. Cummings
Genre: Vampire Erotica
The Vampire’s Pet (FREE)

2)   Jacinta Laurenti
Genre: Lesbian Fairytale
Snow White Gives Thanks For Small Mercies (FREE)

3)   Lynda Belle
Genre: Rockstar Erotica and Holiday Erotica
Rockin’ Him Hard: Omnibus Edition ($0.99)

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Holiday Erotic Tale)(FREE)

4)   Lacey Daize
Genre: Ride Share Erotica
Ride (FREE)

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Thanksgiving Erotica Deals Nov 23-27

I’ve joined seven other authors to bring you free or $0.99 deals during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Come back on 23rd when I’ll have the complete list of authors and their books. My book Snow White Gives Thanks for Small Mercies https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N1GV61K is included and is free during this five-day period.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Holiday Erotica Deals Nov 23-27

Come back next week when I’ll have all the info on the books that will be on sale at 99c or free during this period. My latest book Snow White Gives Thanks For Small Mercies will be one of them.



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