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February 2-6I’ve joined with 10 other authors for this Valentine’s Day promotion which includes romance, erotic romance and erotica books. Here are the details and links of the promoted books.

***11 authors, 15 books***

1) Jacinta Laurenti
Genre: Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales
Rapunzel’s Mysterious Valentine Visitor (FREE)

2) Lynda Belle
Genre: Erotic Romance
The Perfect Escort (FREE)

The Perfect Date ($0.99)

**Coming Soon: The Perfect Fling (Releasing Feb. 7)

3) Candy J Starr
Genre: Billionaire Erotic Romance
Snatched-Part 1 (A Gothic Billioniare Romance (FREE)

4)   Holly Dodd
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance
Giving It Up ($0.99)

5)   Grace Risata
Genre: Erotic Paranormal BWW Comedy Romance
Ungranted Wishes ($0.99)

6)   Cordova Skye
Genre: Impregnation Erotica
Ridden at the Rodeo ($0.99)

7)   Amanda Richensexi
Genre: Billionaire Romantic Erotica
Charli’s Utterly Humiliating Presentation (FREE)

8)   Theresa B. Tri
Genre: Fantasy Erotica
Druid’s Branch (FREE)

48 Hours to Make Her Mine ($0.99)

9)   Nikky Kaye
Genre: New Adult/Starting Over Erotic Romance
One Should Be Enough ($0.99)

Do It Yourself ($0.99)

10)    Lady TL Jennings
Genre: Gay Victorian/Historical Romantic Erotica
My Valentine (A Gay Victorian Romance)(FREE)

Blackmail (A Gay Victorian Erotic Novella) ($0.99)

11)   Liz Katheryn Lorde
Genre: New Adult Erotic Romance
Revved Up Soul ($0.99)