Gretel Unadorned

Fleeing from Prince Wulf, Gretel, Countess of Argarth cannot trust anyone. She bedded his wife so the merciless prince has destroyed Gretel’s estate as punishment. Disguised as a man, she is traveling to retrieve her buried treasure when she is waylaid by a bandit.

With a sword on her throat and the thief’s hand on her coin purse, Gretel fears for her life. But the robber is not a man, but a stunning woman, Hilde with a saucy grin and a come-hither sway of her hips. Dressed alike, and both consumed by a fierce hunger and desperate need, the two women arouse and tease one another as they play games in the woods before Gretel continues her journey.

But Hilde is hiding a secret. Will Gretel be betrayed? Read on and find out.

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