Rapunzel Unwrapped

Rapunzel Unwrapped

Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales

She reigns supreme, and yet she daydreams about bedding a veiled woman who calls her name.

No longer a princess, but queen, Rapunzel is disrespected by her council of advisors. As she ignores their haughty words and makes a pronouncement, the fantasy woman provokes and entices her.

But the vision becomes reality as the queen stumbles into a world of swirling sands, tinkling fountains and spicy fragrances. The woman in her imagination is a princess named Ameena and while Rapunzel may be queen in her own world, Ameena is uncompromising when it comes to getting what she wants.

Entangled, entwined and aroused atop lush carpets and silky cushions, the women produce a blistering fervor that rivals the desert heat.

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