Erotic Lesbian Middle East Stories

Istanbul. It’s an ancient city with a unique culture and a hint of mystery that straddles east and west and welcomes everyone.

Tilda, who is attending a conference in the city, glimpses a woman covered in an abaya, or over-garment, but loses her in the crowd. With only the voluminous gown and a trace of perfumed oil to identify her, Tilda believes she will never find her.

But as the young woman enters a restaurant, her eyes are drawn to a secluded table where the stranger is sitting. No words are exchanged, no clothing is abandoned and no kisses are given, but the heat on the street is nothing compared to the blistering fervor that rises from the table as Tilda stifles her cries of ecstasy.

It’s hot. It’s heavy. And Tilda discovers the flowing robe and veil mask Nadya’s desperate cravings and uninhibited desire.

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